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Well Being
Awareness Days

Creative Calm Yoga Studio

The Yoga Lady & Partners offers Well Being Awareness Days for businesses & teams.

We live in a world of constant stimulus, connection to technology & instant gratification. A fast demanding relentless pace that is proving to be unsustainable for most.

Considering your teams well being, giving them the chance to pause, breathe and reflect is so powerfully  productive.

During the day you will be introduced to the ancient practice of Yoga & some of its core philosophies & foundations. A gentle yoga session suitable for beginners as we start to connect with body, heart and mind. Slowing down to truly listen is where the magic of yoga happens.

Understand how to meditate and its benefits. What is mindfulness really ? How and why should I practice this?

Facilitated open conversations around typical stress triggers, the impact of stress,and ways we can manage them.

Sound bath for the ultimate relaxation. plus an extended relaxation to round off the day.

Leave feeling relaxed, calm & empowered with a wellbeing toolkit tailored for your companies / teams needs.

3 packages to choose from or get Intouch for a tailored session to your teams needs.

The Yoga Lady & partners are all fully qualified in their fields, experienced Yoga practitioners, teachers, and so much more. All details below

Well Being Awareness Sessions

Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation sessions for businesses, teams & groups.


Full Day Session

A fully facilitated day ran by 2 practitioners.

Food Provided.

All props provided

Full Wellbeing Toolkit pack per attendee.

12 headcount

This day session is designed to introduce you to a host of wellbeing techniques from Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Mindfulness, relaxation and Sound Healing.

 max head count 16 for additional fee


Half day session
10-2 or 1-5

A fully facilitated half day ran by 2 practitioners.

Food Provided

All Props provided.

Full wellbeing toolkit pack per attendee.

12 min headcount.

A mini version of the full day. This 4 hour workshop can be a stand alone OR added to a days studio hire. So use the space for you meeting before or afterwards.

 max head count 16 for additional fee


Tailored Package

Hire our space for your next team meeting and let us tailor some mindfulness, meditation & yoga into the agenda.

Contact us for a chat and lets pull together a day that's perfectly tailored for your business needs.

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