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Frequently Asked Questions

Is yoga for me? What shall I wear? Can I do yoga whilst pregnant? How flexible do I have to be ?  Do you practice Yoga as well? Whatever questions you have check here for the answers.

  • I am not flexible at all, is Yoga for me?
    You do NOT need to be flexible to start yoga! Yes I said it, you do NOT need to be flexible. Yoga is so much more than simply stretching, and whilst you will improve your flexibility and build strength by practicing yoga this is an aside from all the other wonderful health and well being benefits yoga brings to your life.
  • If I sign up for a block booking and can't make a class can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds on class bookings. As an independent Yoga Teacher working in small studio spaces ( I like to keep the classes small to allow confidence and community to build ) it would not be feasible for me to manage with refunds. However, if you have a course booked and cannot attend you can 'gift' your space to someone else to come and give class a try if you wish. just let me know this is your plan. If I have spaces that week on another class / venue that is suitable for you I will try and move you whenever this is feasible. Though this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Do you practice yoga every day?
  • Can I pay for a single class or is it a block booking only?
    I offer one off taster sessions for all my classes when availability allows. This is usually a little more expensive than the block booking works out at. You still need to book on so I can manage numbers in the space. Pregnancy is a 6 week course and is the only one that is booked in a block only.
  • Are your adult classes just for women?
    All my classes are mixed gender unless I state otherwise. ( pregnancy the only exception.) All genders welcome in the space.
  • What stage in Pregnancy can I start pregnancy Yoga?
    Suitable for 12 weeks gestation to birth ( unless you are already a regular Yoga practitioner in which case you can carry on with your usual exercise )
  • What age are the Kids yoga classes for?
    Ages 4 - 8 years at my private classes. ( I offer yoga from 3 years to teenagers at a school and nursery setting )
  • I am near the end of my pregnancy and want to continue with the course but what happens if I give birth, can I get a refund?
    If you sign up to pregnancy in your third trimester and give birth I will credit you your remaining classes to Baby & Postnatal Yoga. You can join me when you are ready just message me to confirm your space.
  • Did your Tattoos hurt?
    Yes. But the meaning and love I have for them is worth it.
  • I am too old for Yoga.
    No you're not.😀
  • I have twins, help 😀
    I only charge for one baby ( never multiples ) So twins / triplets etc all welcome in the space. 😀
  • What do I need to bring with me to class?
    Yourself 😀 in comfortable clothing you can move in and a water bottle. All equipment is provided though if you like to use your own mat please bring it along.
  • I am too old for Yoga.
    No you're not.😀
  • Do I stay at the kids yoga classes?
    It is a drop and go session though you are more than welcome to stay to settle your mini yogi the first week if they need it. I do offer one off Christmas / Easter specials where grown ups are invited to join their mini yogis for class!
  • How soon after giving birth can I join Baby and Postnatal Yoga?
    Honestly there is no set stage you can start baby yoga, it is when you feel ready. However I always advise ladies to rest up as much as possible and enjoy those first few precious weeks nesting with your new arrival if you can. 6 weeks onwards tends to be the average but of course I wouldn't turn you away if you wanted to start sooner. Just go easy and look after yourself.
  • Can you do the splits?
    No. And you don't need to be able to do the splits to benefit from Yoga.
  • How do I book?
    Clcike HERE Please select the location you are looking for classes in ( Prestwich, Ramsbottom or Croston ) select your class and BOOK NOW.
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